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I have problems getting the raw materials to where they belong. Example: I have 2 clay pits, together with 4 kilns. All ok.
Then I produce bronzeware on the other side of the town using bronze and clay.
Now when the program thinks that a kiln is running out of clay, it sends a load from the site where I produce bronzeware. Then the program thinks that there is not enough clay for bronzeware, and it sends a load of clay from the kilns. That way both productions become inefficient.
Is there a remedy for this stupid programming?

Thank you.
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Yes, disconnect the two areas so they're running independently. In these early missions, where clay is used in two workshops, they should not be connected to each other, or if they have to be connected, then make sure both are very close to each other. Utilise getting warehouses to bring things like bronzeware and ceramics closer to your housing, instead of connected areas.

When a clay pit cartpusher is spawned, it picks the first place that can accept Clay: so if that place is a Bronzeware Maker, it'll travel cross country to provide that single Bronzeware Maker the clay it needs, ignoring anything closer if those places do not need it.
Keeping the areas independent could be tricky. Keeping them close to each other would be easier. My guess is that, in my example, every clay cart chooses its destination by checking who has the lowest quantity of clay in stock (max. is 4 for kiln and bronzeware maker). I remember that setting a nearby warehouse to 'GET' clay is ignored in this case and only works if all production units are fully stocked.
Maybe some kind of over-production could solve this, so that every building using clay always gets 4 units of it in stock...
I will try your suggestions and check what works best.

Thank you.
And if I am not hideously mistaken, a raw material once delivered to a manufacturer will never leave said manufacturer. I think its more likely you are seeing the behavior Shuk described, not a cart leaving a kiln to feed a bronzeware maker. Another solution is to just drop a clay pit over by your bronze. Problem solved.