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I just started the Shang campaign and got the first mission ever that requires me to take over cities. But every attempt to take over a city fails. Even with 2 infantry forts and 2 Chariot forts, plus an ally for support, my invasions still fail. Granted my troops have no combat experience since no one has tried to invade me or asked for military aid, but still this is getting absurd. The city I've been trying to take over is Nomad camps. You'd think they would be easy enough, but not so far.

How many troops does it usually take to conquer a city?
so, in some of their older games it was sometimes impossible to actually take over a city until x mission or just impossible. not sure if that applies to this one as i dont remember encountering a city i couldnt take but was pretty meh on invasions since it seemed annoying.

now that thats out of the way. each "shield" shown on the world map above a city is their military might. 2 forts = 1 shield. i normally try to have 1 or 2 shields more then the city im attacking if possible.

if that fails you just need to rely on spies sabotaging their city and wave tactics. keep attacking and eventually you will get it.

fun fact for after conquering a city. it might rebel if you have no army left in your city. armies on march arent counted as part of your force so the city might think it can get away with rebelling should you have no army in your city. normally not an issue. just send another wave or bribe them.
Thanks. That information should help a lot. Does combat experience make any difference or is it entirely just a matter of numbers?
as far as i could tell more experienced soldiers would do better when defending(harder to die, faster to get kills) and take longer to break when losing moral. not sure what affect is has on invading other cities but i would assume it helps a little.