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I just finished the last tutorial campaign and opted to fight for the city when the first invasion came, but when I clicked on my staffed infantry forts, the command flag wouldn't select. I tried right and left clicking and nothing would allow me to select and move the banner. The only way I could get them to move was to grab Huang Di's hero banner, plant it down, and tell him to gather troops. ANyone else have this issue?
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were you paused while trying to grab the flag? did you have auto control turned on?
Bump. I couldn't select the troop banner at all. Luckily I survived the battle somehow, but I was never able to take control of my army. Is there a keyboard shortcut to select troops? I couldn't find anything about it.

Finally got it. If you L-click about a 1/4 inch below the banner than it brings up the troop controls. Not sure if this has something to do with the higher resolution throwing things off.
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