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Note: It just started working. I didn't change anything. Windows must have updated something in the background, I guess . . .

I recently purchased Ember on GOG. I try to run the game but nothing happens. Literally nothing. No black screen, no prompts, no window appears. If I use the command line to launch, it just shows the prompt for the next command without apparently launching anything.

"Run as administrator" has no effect. "Troubleshoot compatibility" -> "Try recommended settings" -> "Test the program" just flashes the launching cursor for a moment before the cursor goes back to normal.

I have uninstalled, re-downloaded, reinstalled, and still get the same result.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Any suggestions?

My system specs:
Windows 10 64-bit
Ryzen 2600X processor
RX 580 graphics card
Ember 1.046
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I have. the game under win 11 doesn't start at all. tried the same methods. null, nothing. they seem to have abandoned support of the older games in win 11 environment.