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I agree with the review by Partial. The game is fun, but there're also some bugs and some lost opportunities.

I don't know if there're different endings, but at the end I left Dorisburg. It would be nice if I could stay and continue gameplay - hacking more computers, exploring, ... (I could have stopped finishing some tasks, but I was curious what would happen).

I would also like to have some kind of PDA/SmartPhone. A small computer with a display wich is always visible (16 cols by 2 rows would be enough). If should support connecting to other nodes, but no slurping. If "GetRoom", "GetPosition", "GetFacing" were available one could create some simple navigations system. Doors and more objects could have an "OnUse" event and could connect the my PDA ... tracking people could be interesting - or maybe even remotely changing the behavior of some doors / other objects. :)

I like the programming possibilities very much and hope for an expansion or an extended next part.

Hello Pavo,

That's some nice ideas! I can't make any promises about what will be added but I agree that for example an 'OnUse' function would be great. Thanks for your feedback!