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Hi everyone,

Else Heartbreak currently on Humble Indie Bundle 16. You need to pay $2 MORE than the current average for it, DRM free. Really interested in this game but Gog has it for over 30 at present so Humble Bundle wins in this case

Just bought it and also see on HIB 16 you also get the soundtrack.

Oddly the GoG version does not have the soundtrack. :(
Wonder why.
Post edited February 24, 2016 by styggron
What an ABSOLUTELY amazing Game.

Even though I have it on Humble, when GoG discounts it I will buy it here too. The dev deserves praise. This game is absolutely AMAZING.

Once you start doing the coding WOW !!!!!!!!!! Really immersive. I like how the game does not hold you hand, you really do have to take notes.

Giant thumbs up !

One user wrote they finished it in a weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't see how, I have been on it for around 10 hours and I only got my modifier 2 hours ago!
Post edited February 27, 2016 by styggron