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Changelog for Patch 1.0.4 (added 29 September 2015):

- Added 'HasFunction()' function on all objects.
- Doors without a code can be unlocked by any key.
- The SetPosition() function has been removed from the computers who had it, this will invalidate some ways to beat the game that were a bit too boring. These computer have gotten a new function though – GetThingsOfType(), have fun with it!
- EraseMemory() function for computers with a memory unit.
- The extractor now has a 'CopyToClipboard()' function.
- Can't teleport into inventories.
- Dialogue with the Bouncer in the park can't get stuck in infinite loop.
- Invariant culture is set by app, should fix bug for some Linux users.
- An error at Blå Knuten when talking to the bureaucrat in there has been removed.
- A bug where Pixie wouldn't come out to talk to you has been fixed.
- Pressing ESC when slurping should not make the game hang with a white screen.
- Boolean logic should work correctly in all cases (oops!)


Changelog for Patch 1.0.5b (added 05 October 2015):

- Camera will rotate to face north when looking at the map.
- The modifier has gotten the Connection API ;-)
- Option added for turning of the "change zoom automatically when moving to a new room / area" behaviour. The previous behaviour is default.
- Sleepiness is not increased when sitting down, makes it possible to go on the tram forever (it's a kinda nice screensaver?!)
- The refining computer at the factory can run indefinitely (which is useful...)
- Games and other programs that froze after 60 seconds of usage should not do that anymore, sorry about that.
- It's no longer possible to hack computers with security level above 0 by pressing the GUI button when using the computer.
- Fib's beautiful object is less loud
- Computer by the soda storage has been moved down a bit for better looking usage.
- Bug when talking to a person on the tram is fixed.
- A bug with Hank the first night at the hotel is fixed.
- A bug where the beaurocrat would get stuck in the radio station's bathroom is fixed.
- There's now a dummy file in the save folder to prevent it from being deleted by zip programs and whatnot.


Changelog for Patch 1.0.6 (07 October 2015):

- ADDED: Suitcases can be accessed as a separate inventory when carried around
- ADDED: A way to get off the finance computer "island"
- FIXED: Calling Unlock() on a door from a computer gives weird error about Int32
- FIXED: It's possible to hack computers with security level above 0 by pressing the GUI button when using the computer.
- FIXED: Can't use Input() function when booting from floppy
- FIXED: A bureaucrat gets stuck in the radio station elevator
- FIXED: Dream sequence collides with radio station events
- FIXED: Nini gives different prices for new shoes
- FIXED: Mouse stops working (because of a glitch involving an in-game program)
- FIXED: Pixie not sleeping at home towards the end of the game
- FIXED: Dialogue glitch in the final scene
- MAYBE FIXED: Options menu crashes on some systems when the resolution has been set to high
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.7 (added 28 October 2015):

- ADDED: If you know a person the tooltip will reflect that by showing the actual name
- ADDED: SetLabel() and GetLabel() functions in the Extractor, can also be seen in the bag
- ADDED: HD() function for connecting to external hard drives
- ADDED: Support for page up and page down keys when using the modifier
- ADDED: Type() function in Sprak, returns the type of some data as a string
- TWEAK: The refining machine at the factory is more balanced
- FIXED: Indentation messes up when writing 'if else' statements (and in some other situations)
- FIXED: Game hangs when pressing ESC when slurping
- FIXED: CopyToClipboard() doesn't work on objects that are not in the same scene
- FIXED: Hank gets stuck during lecture
- FIXED: Version number is hard to see
- FIXED: Infinite dialogue loop when talking to the soda salesman
- FIXED: Can't use alternative keyboard layouts, selecting routes on the internet stops working


Changelog for Patch 1.0.8 (added 22 January 2016):

- ADDED: GetTypeOfThing() function added to some computers
- ADDED: Not operator in Sprak (i.e. if !hungry)
- ADDED: NPC:s with modifiers will fix doors that have been modified
- TWEAK: Can't teleport when in a conversation (prevents quite a lot of buggy situations)
- TWEAK: Can't fall asleep when in a conversation (hopefully prevents several buggy situations)
- TWEAK: Upgraded Unity to version 4.7
- FIXED: Bug where the soda salesman got messed up at Plaza
- FIXED: Crash bug that could happen when pressing the button on a vending machine
- FIXED: Made sure Felix doesn't get stuck after the party at his place
- FIXED: Prevented getting stuck at warehouse corner in the harbor


Changelog for Patch 1.0.9 / GOG-8 (Windows) / GOG-17 (Mac) / GOG-9 (Linux) (added 02 February 2016):

- TEMPORARILY REMOVED: NPC:s with modifiers will fix doors that have been modified