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Just wondering if anyone know if they will include GOG achievements for Elex 2? I Way prefer to buy my games on GOG and was about to preorder but then stopped when i saw no information about achievements. While I own the original on GOG, the lack of achievements to see in Galaxy kind of sucks.

I am going to hold off buying this on GOG till i know if there will be achievements. I don't see how it is a big deal to add support piping achievements through the GOG api when you are already doing it for steam... Worst case scenario i may wait and buy this on steam eventually if they won't include achievements for gog at launch. Would rather wait for a sale or confirmation that they won't implement achievements on my preferred platform before i buy.
Just preordered. And to my suprise, achievements are visible.
kzadur: Just preordered. And to my suprise, achievements are visible.
Thanks for the Info :-)
Cheers! Thats great to know. I still hadn't preordered for that very reason. Gonna get it now!