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Changelog for Patch 1.1 (added 20 October 2017):

- Added Czech language support
- Spanish language selection issue fixed.
- Fixed crash on systems with min 18 virtual (logical) CPU cores
- Fixed a memory leak

- You can now upgrade shields.
- Bugfixes for socketing weapons.

-Improved awareness when sneaking.
- Improved navigation for NPCs and monsters.
- Better party behavior from NPCs.

- Missing icons added.
- Connection bugfixes.
-Bugfixes for the world map.
- Bugfixes for the skills display.

- Bugfixes for item interactions.
- Sleep will now also replenish energy.
- Lock picks will break more often.
- Reduced fall damage with the jet pack.
- Appropriate behavior when you receive damage on a ladder.
-Additional slots for autosaves.
- Monster traps no longer have a focus.

- Slight optimization of cutscenes.

- Caja accompanies the player to all locations.
- Both PSI amplifiers are now distributed.
- Minor quest and display fixes.

-Aesthetic improvements to some armor.
- Improved control of dialogue gestures.
- Improved facial animations for women.
- Improved transitions for motion sequences.

- Shields can now block ranged weapons.
- Improved targeting behavior from NPCs.
- Fixed the situation where companions were not helping with battle in certain situations.
- Grenades will now always ricochet off of obstacles.
- Ball lightning will now always jump to the next target.

- Improved camera in dialogues.
- Improved placement of conversation partners.

- Updates and fixes.

- Improved shadow mapping to sun position.
- Eliminated flickering mist when the camera was too close to obstacles.
- Subtitles are now deactivated by default when the same language is selected for voice and text.
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.2846.0 (added 27 October 2017):

* Crash fix for systems with more than 16 logical CPU cores.
* If savegame limit is reached, “Create new savegame” is hidden. (limit is 99)
* Fixed saving for all Windows user.
* Fixed some freezes in tutorials. The tutorial won't be shown if the corresponding key bindings are not valid.
* Fixed saving after the Big Bang fight was not possible.
* Fixed pink water on some older AMD/ATI graphic devices.
* Fixed game freeze when you try to interact during an evade roll.

* Fixed permanently angry NPCs.
* Kral has now a quest marker for the Mana shrine quest.
* Jax gets the correct award from Reinhold when joining the Clerics.
* Bullet and Lucy don't die immediately when they encounter an enemy.
* Fixed quest targets when fighting in the arena.
* Trevor now gives Jax the correct reward, depending on his actions.
* Mad Bob’s dialogue is now in the correct order, taking the Jax’s actions into account.
* Jack will change his daily routine if Jax killed Hopkins and his bandits. Furthermore, the dialogue regarding Volkmar’s weapon now works properly.
* The quest involving Riley, Darrel and Paige is closed correctly now. (Might be necessary to sleep in a bed to trigger this fix.)
* Fixed a plot killer for a certain ending of the game. Talk to Logan twice, in case of having this issue in your save game.
* Bill will now return to his hut after the player killed Vance and talked to him about the situation.
* Martha will now not quit the dialogue, after Jax buys food from/trades with her - therefore she will now update the Legate situation if the player choses the ENDE/END dialogue option.
* If the player has joined the Clerics and talks with Darrell, he will now offer a quest for the player. If the player already spoke to Darrell and had only his standard sentence to say, he only must talk to Darrell again and then Darrell will offer the quest for the player.
* Nasty will no longer interfere in the battle between Player and Kid.
* Map Target Ethan/Volkmar will now be removed correctly during the mission: Scrap Delivery.
* Jack has now Volkmar’s Weapon in his inventory.
* If you ask Jora if it's lawful to take the laser rifle, while he has a Smalltalk with Stormson, both should continue their Smalltalk. If this situation already happened, Jax must talk to Stormson again until he has nothing to say anymore and Jora will return on his Smalltalk routine.
* Now Angrim at waterfall is teleported back to his current daily routine point.
* Sometimes Stormson, Eli, Wolf and Oswald were at wrong positions. Now they are teleported back to their daily routine points.
* Fixed a bug that prevented Jax from joining the Berserkers.
* Fixed Crony U5 mission. Now he won't get lost in certain locations.
* Kallax gives additional main plot background information at showdown with him.
* Fixed some time related quests.

* Removed wrong weather zone in the Hort.
* Corrected some items that were stuck in the ground.
* Fixed some minor graphical issues with some of the Berserker armor.

* Now party members will be more helpful during combat.
* Enemies now have better targeting. They shouldn't shoot at walls or objects anymore.
* Now there is an option to deactivate the double-click evade roll. To enable this option, you must assign a key to the evade option in the key bindings.
* Human enemies can attack with low stamina now. This should prevent some issues with enemies doing nothing while they have low stamina.
* Now you can transfer chunks of tens in the trade menu.
* Fix for haggler perk. You can buy every item now.
* Fixed helmets being in front of the camera while looting a chest.
* Exploit fix with crafting energy reserve.
* Fixed equipped weapons. They weren't destroyed when you salvage them.
* Fix where you get an 2h Hammer instead of an 2h Sword at the crafting table.
* Fixed duplicated key binding page.
* Fixed the needed skill to upgrade the chain saber.
* Fixed evade tutorial. It has caused a slow-motion effect for 10 seconds.
* Elex and Elex Potions now show a message that your Cold has increased.
* Fixed Perk Bookworm. Now you get XPs for reading letters and books. Reading Letters without the Perk will also give Jax some XP now.
* Party members don't move around when the player is in a dialog.
* Fix for some wrong loading hints.
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.2846.0 CZ Fixes (added 16 November 2017):

* Fixed missing Czech subtitles.
Changelog for Patch 1.0.2946.0 CN (added 23 December 2017)

New Difficulty Settings:
- Player Damage: damage dealt by the player.
- Opponent Damage: damage dealt by your Opponents.
- Stamina cost: modifies the stamina cost for your actions.

- Added FXAA T2x and SMAA T2x anti-aliasing techniques

- Improved Angrim’s routine behavior, when he should have a small-talk with Zerwas. (Works only if Zerwas hasn't already talked to the third Berserker)
- The map targets regarding the research papers of the Clerics will now be updated correctly if the player has the task to obtain them for the Claws.
- Fixed some Duras ques targets
- Fixed a bug with Eva and a letter
- Fixed illogical dialogue with Connor regarding his recruitment for the Clerics, fixed map targets for Connor and Xander in terms of Connor’s recruitment
- Fixed issue where player can get stuck in a dialogue with Karl (only new game)
- Gondar’s key can now be found near his corpse
- One of Hunter’s Quests should now closer properly if the player decides to kill Gustav
- Fixed map targets involving Balder trying to become a Legate of the Clerics
- Fixed several daily routine issues
- One of Galar’s quest should now close properly if the player convinces him to work for the Clerics
- Ryan should have now a proper trading inventory
- Player can get the Alb Commander armor. Depending on the players actions he can even get the Alb Elexetor Armor now.
- Regarding your actions before (Jax helps Trevor or Lucky Sam), Mad Bob’s second Scrap Delivery Quest will work now properly and all involved NPCs should trigger the right dialog options.
- Fixed a bug where the player was unable to give Chloe the Elexit bags of some Berserkers.
- If the player used the power of Suggestion to get hand on the stolen Elex packages Kral has in his possession, he will now do so. If the player already had the Suggestion dialogue with Kral he now only has to report back to Caldrim and the quest situation will behave normal.
- Fixed some dialogue issues regarding Thorgal and Emmet's farm
- Korin will now behave normally if you pickpocket metal parts from him for Jora.
- The dialogue with the dead letter box makes now clear what the player needs to do if he looted Logan’s chest in beforehand
- Hakon now rewards the player with a proper sword
- Fixed an issue where the player was sent by Cormag to help Born. If Born is dead, he will now be able to tell Cormag that Born is dead and the questline will proceed as intended.
- Fixed an issue where Snake had an illogical dialog option
- Fixed some illogical dialogs Cindy might have had in certain cases
- One of Balder’s quests should now have a proper quest target and close properly if the player reports back to Balder. Furthermore, he is now a trader if the player joined the Clerics (if the player was already a Cleric you have to talk twice to Balder to make his trading info appear).
- Removed Ethan’s loyalty exploit for crew members
- Alois should now take money from the player if he has to pay up for a committed crime.
- Walter should now hand over some shards if the player asks for it
- Fixed illogical dialogue for Oran after player bribes him to trade again with one of the Clans
- Adjusted amount of Elexit for Shorty in certain cases
- Removed illogical dialogue option for Rijka in case Bertram is not alive anymore
- Fixed a dialogue issue regarding Irdor’s reward depending on the player’s actions
- Vito should now trigger a certain info about the thieves guild at the right time
- A quest target showing Martha will now be removed correctly if the player delivered all the food
- Ragnar’s quest should now succeed correctly if the player told him that all warlords gave him their approval for redemption. If this situation lies in the past, just talk to Ragnar again until he has nothing to say anymore and the quest should succeed itself
- Fixed a map target regarding Alois’s quest involving Paige
- A quest regarding Irdor’s food problem will now be closed if the player hands him enough Cultivator's bread loaves
- Fixed missing quest targets for one of Caleb’s quests
- Fixed some map targets involving Caldrim and Kral
- Fixed a quest and map targets involving Jorg, Caleb, and Fenk
- Fixed a situation where Ray should attack Walter
- Fixed a dialog with Logan about Ulrich and Konrad
- Shorty now has a trade inventory

- Added Chinese language package
- Improved breaking chance of lockpicks for chests
- Weather and lighting improvements
- Added missing small white socket stones
- Some NPCs had wrong weapons equipped, now they have a proper one
- Arva and her Troll will now react in a correct behavior
- 2-handed weapons and heavy weapons now need the perk Level of 2 to dismantle them
- You need the Build Ammo perk on Lvl 2 to build ammo for heavy weapons
- Fixed a bug where the player has endless jetpack energy
- Fixed an issue with the Pickpocket skill when the player has an equipped item that gives him a bonus skill
- Fixed some issues when creatures and NPCs fell through the ground
- Sunglasses don't give armor bonus anymore
- Fixed a bug with energy regeneration
- Crony regenerates HPs now after he got unconscious
- Socket Items now give a bonus when attached to a shield
- The XP malus for using stims is working now
- The perk Good Eater now doubles the effect of food, it was tripled before
- Fixed an issue where the loot screen was hidden by the body of the player
- When falling the player uses his fall animation correctly
- Dead ambient creatures don't have collision anymore
- Female body parts now behave correctly during dialogs
- Fixed a bug in which weapon modes were not shown in the HUD
- Adjusted some loot
- Option for deactivating the evade roll on double-click is saved now
- Fixed some icon issues
- Pure mana also regenerates mana now (only for Berserkers)
- Fixed some issues with ranged weapons not having an ammo count when drawn
- All potion can be used in quick slots
- Sulfur will now be shown in the inventory screen of the player
- Fixed some recipes
- The perk "One with the Weapon Ability" now has a cooldown
- Some weapons didn't deal damage with the 4th hit, they'll do now so
- Creatures stop chasing the player now if the player is far away
- Fixed some issue with exploiting Elexit by trading.
- Improved combat behavior for some monsters
- Flamethrower single shots now have a cooldown and a decreased radius
- Many mesh and texture reworks and improvements
- LOD range of red rusty metal plates has been corrected. The plates are now using the correct LOD when close by and are no longer flat
- The collision mesh of one of the rusted electrical towers is more accurate. The player no longer falls through some of the horizontal beams
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Where is Changelog for Patch 1.0.2955?
The developers have not posted anything about the latest patch two days ago. Nothing on Steam, the official forums or here. I guess they don't want us to know.
MindGames: Where is Changelog for Patch 1.0.2955?
all my inventory items now have extra text descriptions, i'd say that's one of the main things
Maybe you should apply for a job at piranha becuase they obviously can't spare the time to tell us themselves. I think you could help them.