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Does someone know if the soundtrack is (or will be) available anywhere (aside from Youtube)?

Edit: Since we're at it, same question about Edna Song by Olgierd Cypra, from The Breakout (it is not included in the soundtrack).
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This version of the soundtrack is the only one released on either a digital format (GOG or Steam) or supplied with a hard copy of the game to the best of my knowledge.

Having searched around a bit there doesn't appear to have been any official releases of the vocal tracks or any other unreleased tracks and there doesn't seem to be any plans for a future release as of yet either, though I live in hope as I love the music, especially from Harveys New Eyes!

Perhaps GOG admin with their marvellous knowledge of all things game and freebie related might be able to enlighten us at some future date if it becomes possible? ;)
by the way, the soundtrack is not really lossless, not even in flac, because it's just the mp3 version converted to flac, according to Traders Little Helper. A shame, because it's a great soundtrack.

i converted it to wav (flac and wav are lossless formats) for MPEG testing and this is what i got:

10 Nadel und Faden Radioversion.wav: track looks like MPEG with probability 95%.
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The steam version has the last track in its English version available. Any chance on getting a flac of that?