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Edna & Harvey: The Breakout

Java Fix for v1.2 /GOG-5 (added 11.06.2015):

- This patch fixes the issues with the last Java-Version (Java 8). This should also fix your recent problems with the savegames.
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Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes

Changelog for Patch 3.0.0442 / GOG-6 (Windows) / GOG-12 (Mac) / GOG-1 (Linux) (added 26 July 2016):

- Engine Update to Visionaire 4.2.5
- Added GOG Galaxy Achievements
- Added Linux Version
- OSX: You weren't able to return to game with Alt-Tab
- OSX: The system cursor was displayed all the time
- OSX: Crashes in different situations have been fixed
- OSX: Achievements didn't work properly or at all on some systems


- Restriction menu disappeared while scenery change
- Sometimes, tutorial texts for minigames weren't displayed properly
- Loading a savegame after finishing the game caused a disappearing of all interfaces
- Inventory and restriction interface were visible during credits
- Steam achievements were only displayed when opening the main menu
- Subtitles displayed after loading a savegame


- Lags when using the exits in the main hall of the monastery
- Lilli was able to leave the walkmap in the main hall
- Music played twice after sawing the tree with the dedication
- Music played twice after the matron puts Birgit in her place
- Screen scrolled upwards in the matron's office in inappropriate moments
- After skipping screen changes, Lilli was able to stand outside of the walkmap or ended up in the wrong scene
- After loading a savegame, Lilli wasn't able to interact with objects in the matron's office and could leave the walkmap
- Inventory and dialogs interfere with each other during the matron's hypnosis dialog
- Lilli was able to walk through the tea wagon in the matron's office
- Wrong animation when Lilli gives tea to Dr Marcel
- No new tea cups available after giving the truth tea to Dr Marcel
- Missing sounds in Harvey's performance when Lilli wanted to use the fire in the chimney


- Able to leave scene when calling Miranja from the Limbus
- Sun creme didn't appear when skipping an animation of Vendigo-Harvey
- The car of the guard and the keys weren't usable


- Inventory opened half when getting out of the rubber raft
- Game was continued in the wrong scene when opening the menu during the chess game
- Sometimes, the target detection for combo and healing skills in the chess game didn't work properly
- After losing the chess game, the health points of some Harveys didn't reset
- After skipping the attack animation in the chess game, the Harveys stuck in the wrong place

Older Savegames will not be compatible with this build.
You can download compatible savegames
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How come the new installer appears to be much smaller? The old installer was 2 gigabytes (in three parts), while the new installer is 800 megabytes (in one file).

I presume it is not only about better compression? Is all the same game data still there, how can it be that much smaller now? Just so that it is safe for me to delete the old installer?
Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes

Changelog for installer update / (Mac) (added 16 December 2017):

- Installer update - No game files were changed.