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Great! Finally got EWJ 1 and 2. :)
Now I can finally play it again. My old copy has been gathering dust for years. It works great.
PS...if you like Earthworm Jim, come on over to Rocket Worm sometime. ;) :)
I also have to give my thanks...
EWJ has been my favorite video game for a long time now... EWJ is a amazingly creative and crazy character and is superfun to draw (I see you can agree on that lemm!)- I've always been a big fan but...
I remember just playing it a lot at my friends house...
how sad. A fan of a game I don't own.
Thanks for changing that GoG!
Also, big ups to for introducing me to you!
I used to play this game when I had 9-10 years, one of the best games I've played when I was young.
I remember playing Earthworm Jim when I was very, VERY little. It was my favorite, never had a game been so creative and inspirational. The SNES version was too easy for me though. This one is a little more challenging.