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Has anybody else noticed the level missing from EWJ 2, Lorezen's Soil? What's the deal with that? It was my favorite level, I'm sad to see it not there.
This is strange, as the song is in the soundtrack. Maybe its order has been shuffled in the PC version. I only ever played the PC version of the EWJ1's special edition.
There's a missing level from the first game too.
It's on my copy, but mine isn't even the special edition and the level is on there.
What the hell's the deal?
Those levels were never in the DOS version of the game, which is the copy GOG has access to.
Only various consoles, and the Win95 edition.
Post edited January 12, 2009 by Ois
I have the Win 95 version on CD, but it doesn't run properly, even under XP. And I think the Win 95 version was a bit easier from what I can remember. I Liked the Dos version a lot more.^^