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Hello, I bought the game recently and I've been trying to play with my Logitech Dual Action Gamepad. I had the same problems everyone had in this forum with the Calibration Screen.

Luckily I've been able to destroy all the asteroids, and I could play the game with my Gamepad. What was more unexpected was that THE GAMEPAD WORKS PERFECT.

What I'm saying is that the problem is in the calibration screen, once you destroy all the asteroids your gamepad will work properly.

So if anyone wants to find a solution for this, I'd recommend looking into the CALIBRATION SCREEN, there's some kind of problem there.

PS: When you quit the game your Gamepad will work horrible again, so you have to calibrate it everytime you start the game -_-
Post edited June 23, 2011 by VaKa
Thanks for sharing it! I will certainly give it a try, maybe after an hour of button-smashing I will be able to destroy the top and bottom asteroids...
I've found an easy temporal solution for this problem.

Here's what I do, I start the game, THEN I connect the Gamepad. I Restart the game, and it appears the joystick works fine after that, in the calibration screen too.