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2 ace games for one low price!
However the rating is for the games and not for the system.
Because while both games are still awesome and still a firm favourite of mine, this is the first time I've ever played them on a P.C and EWJ 1 is a bit of a 'mare to control with a keyboard. I can't get any of my pads to work either, so that's a no go :(
2 works fine, because the problem is with the jump, so I'm happy because that's why I bought this (I own 1 on the Wii's VC).
But basically on EWJ 1 you're having to bash the jump button all of the time on certain levels and it's just a nightmare, because while you can customise the controls, certain keys are locked despite having no use. Like S, which means a good old setup of WASD/WSAD with Shift to jump is also a no go. You can't use a mouse either, which is a shame 'cause having a mouse for fire and jump would be perfect.
But all the same, if you can get past the controls then you'll be getting 2 excellent games with 19 levels between them. Depending on how you look at it, because certain levels repeat, a lot.
Hell, it's worth the price alone just to relive the classic moments EWJ brings, because the games are insane and hiarious because of it. I mean who can forget Princess What's Her Name, or the Almight Cow, and how about Professor Monkey For A Head?