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I remember playing and beating this way back when, also the PC version.

Playing it again I'm getting my ass handed to me. I've been streaming it and I've had several people comment that something was "off" the speed, the way Jim moves ect. How the falling stalactites Evil the Cat throws at you in one level were supposed to break when they hit a platform allowing you to hide under them. Enemies being a little too fast meaning they're usually inside you to hit you again before Jim comes out of his damage animation and is allowed to attack.

Little "off" things.

In all honesty, I remember beating this as a dumb kid, and that was a long time ago. So I'm not really sure what I remember or if there is any truth to it being different. I am however very sceptical that young me would be better at it then current me, I don't remember it as particularly difficult.

Err, now to the question. Is it me? Or is there something to this?
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Hit the DOSbox config with a wrench. Maybe you'll want to tune up the CPU cycles it starts out with.

You can adjust that while running with CTRL+F11/F12 for down and up respectively, but that won't stick though sessions.
I just (as usual with dosbox games) had a look at dosboxEWJ1.conf file: found they set frameskip=1, that means by default the game will run at 30 fps...

Placing frameskip=0 seems the legit thing to do: way smoother on my system and should give 60 fps clean.

If you want correct aspect ratio:

fullresolution= (place your native monitor values, e.g. 1920x1080)

or whatever scaler you prefer - if you want to try emulate scanlines and CRT effects you can do it, your mileage may vary but in my opinion none of the offered settings is faithful enough to a true old monitor/tv;
more info here:
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