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Like how Broken Sword has the original game as a bonus feature?
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I am also wondering about this. The version GOG offers is the DOS version. However there is extra content in the special edition that was released for Windows 95.

Wouldn't it have made more sense to try and make a Windows version of the game compatible with newer operating systems?

Then again, I'm not a programmer. And I guess they have to cater to Mac users too.
It would be great, I really liked the additional levels (especially this one with Dinosaur Bruty). As far as I remember, this one is not too problematic to launch on newer systems, but I'm afraid that these licence issues are the cause, that for now in every digital shop (steam, gog etc) first EWJ is available only in DOS version.
I have the CD Version. Like Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure, both games run in a desktop window application.
The problems with both games is the sound. The settings are screwed up after Win95/98. You can't activate Sound AND ingame music. You have to choose one of them.

Thats how it works with pitfall. I'm not sure if EWJ runs good since WinXP. I think it has the same soundbug either.
Trying to launch Pitfall with Win95 compability mode solves the problem... but only for 2 seconds and then the game crashes.
The sound in EWJ1 Special Edition didn't work very well in WinXP and up. I have this game and a some other Win95 games that don't run well on newer operating systems. I got the Whole Can O' Worms (uses DOSBOX) here on GOG and it runs great.
Yeah, it really sucks when there's some pros to the DOS version, and some pros to the Windows version, and one is easier to get working than the other...

Overall, I would like the extra and improved content in the Win95 CD Special Edition, and it shouldn't be too bad to get it running properly.
I made a (poorly titled) topic about this here:

I just found my copy of the game in one of our filing cabinets so I yanked it out and gave it a whirl under Windows 10 x64.

The Sound FX are indeed broken, the first sound effect heard gets stuck in a 1 second looping loop that never stops until you turn off sound effects and the game seems to only be able to play 1 sound effect at a time so you basically just hear the start of the first sound effect ever played looping. You will need to apply Windows 98/ME or Windows 95 Compatibility to be able to turn on Sound FX, otherwise the option will be permanently disabled.

The music plays without issue.

You need to use Windows XP Service Pack 3 or older when setting up program compatibility or else it will crash trying to play some Electronic Arts video clip, alternatively you can avoid this step if you don't play the game via the Auto-Run program. Also the game features an EXE file named Killworm.EXE and virtually every Virus Scanner software's Heuristics functionality will freak out about it for no good reason.

Aside from sound effects being broken, the game seems to work pretty great? Don't know which levels are missing when compared to EWJ 1 & 2. The disc contains a Desktop Theme based on game assets. GOG could easily include the game with a warning that Sound FX are unlikely to work.
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