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Did you know most of the original team responsible for Earthworm Jim is back together, trying to get funding for a new zany game through kickstarter?

Also they are going after both PC and console again, starting with Wii U for console because Nintendo has already given approval

As part of the Armikrog funding campaign, they are offering original Earthworm Jim drawings by the animator for $25

Or an ink portrait by the character designer for $100

(actually there is a bigger one for $200 for those who can afford it...)
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In case anybody cares about Wii U platform, concepts for the Wii U port look really nice
As a fan of the EWJ series, I'm definitely going to buy this for WiiU if it releases! Never played the Neverhood (lol), but this looks pretty interesting gameplay-wise judging from the WiiU concept comic thing.

Unfortunately, I somehow never support Kickstarter attempts, for reasons unknown even to myself. :P

But psst, it looks like they could be getting close to $900.000 with just 50 hours left. :D
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