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Are there any plans to bring the Linux version of Earthlock to GOG like Steam has ?
Hi Shylock.596,

There's currently no plans to make a Linux version for GoG as we're focusing on getting Earthlock translated to 11 languages.
After that is done we might consider a GoG Linux version! :)

I hope this doesn't cause any major inconveniences for you!

If you have any other questions or issues, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Kind regards,
Snowcastle Games
When will publish the languages patch in gog
Hi luis889,

We're still tweaking the languages patch on Steam, but will start publishing the languages patch on other platforms, including GoG, in the near future! :)

Kind regards,
Snowcastle Games
Hello, I have just purchased your game after having it on wishlist for some time :-) Is there any news on the GOG Linux version of the game?
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Look, I believe this is way too much. Where are Mac and Linux versions?

EDIT: I bought the game and at least Mac version is available for download. Though it's described as Windows-only on Earthlock page. Hope they upload Linux version soon
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