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I was heading throught the Zamba Temple again to look for the crashed girl.
When I reached her I walked past her to look for chests and zoned into the next area (Goblin Camp).
I saw the girl walk next to me in the cutscene so I assuem she shoud join me once I talk to her.
There was a Save statue so I saved and then I returned to get the girl.

The Problem is I can no longer speak to the girl on the ground, despite it showing the speach interaction icon above her head. I assue I broke it by walking past her.

I overwrote my savegame at the statue soooo I guess I wait for a patch.

I liked the game so far and was curious where it leads to. :D
Hi Funreaver,

Did you get the cutscene showing the crashed plane before reacing the first bridge?

Could you try warping to Zabirium Temple Entrance and run towards the bridge again to see if the cutscene triggers this time?

If this doesn't solve your issue, could you contact me at with your save file?

To find the Earthlock save folder:
1. Press Windows-Key + R to bring up the command window.

2. Type "%appdata%" in the box that pops up

3. Go to the AppData folder and find the folder called LocalLow

4. Find the folder called "Snowcastle Games" and find "Earthlock" inside that

5. Please copy your save file and attach it to the support ticket :)

If you have any other questions or issues, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Kind regards,
Snowcastle Games
Thanks Anoy for responding to me.
I sent the requested files.

Yes I had the cutscene.
I left the area again to the world map and reentered, walking all the way back to the crashlanded ship, sadly I was still not able to talk to the girl.

Maybe you get some answers out of the save games. :D

Kind regards,
I'll send mine as well, just had the same thing happen to me.
Since no one followed up here I thought I'd drop this in case anyone else is experiencing the same issue.

I sent my save game to Snowcastle late last night, first thing this morning I had a fixed save file returned to me, Ive is now in my party and I can continue on.

If you run into this issue I would suggest not playing past that point before getting the save game fix though, everyone is several levels higher than Ive because I finished the Goblin Cave and reached the desert before sending in the save file and she joined at the level my part was at when we first passed her rather than when the event was triggered.