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Okay, bought the game, just tested if it works correctly (of course it does), but what I liked immediately, menu song.
So, where can I download OST of this game? Is it going to be available on GOG as well? Soundtracks for previous Earths are and I love E2140 OST for about 10 years now, so I hope this one will be added as well...please? : )
This question / problem has been solved by Namurimage
I think you will have to wait for Topware to release it or watch it on Youtube.
Not sure if GOG can get a hold of it but it would be nice.
No way to just pull it from the games folder?
Unfortunately no, it is packed in some .wd format.
Well either Gog will need someone to give them the developers kit to get into it or apparently some fan made a mission editor that allows you to get into .wd files.
Don't know if its legit or not so use at your own risk.
Here's another .wd extractor.
Well, that was freaking awesome! Thanks guys.
Listening now : ). Smooth and easy.