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Exactly what it says on the tin. Game launches okay, then parks at the select player screen. It's as if I have no mouse/keyboard focus - that is, there's no mouse, and the only keyboard commands that work are alt-F4 and alt-tab.
Also - the default shortcut (to Earth2160_START) didn't appear to do anything; but I get the above situation when using either *_SSE or *_NO_SSE
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hmm I did have the same problem when starting up as you - though I restarted a few times and it cleared. Might want to check that your firewall is not asking for permission for hte program to access the net - often this can confuse and break a game - so make sure it has persmissions open or closed - either way a definate setting tends to clear things
I didn't find any firewall actions - and yes, I've run into that as an issue with other games. Restarting, however, did apparently fix things... even though I'd restarted multiple times between installation and yesterday's attempt.

Ah well, now that it's working I won't question it. I dug out my old saves from a prior installation, and everything is now good to go!
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