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Changelog for Update (added 12 August 2019):

Full changelog available at: (scroll a bit down)
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# JMB: First part of some old changelogs from:
# *
# for "Eagle Island" (the original Rogue-like game; giving the story)
# which is now part of the big update "Eagle Island Twist"
# with a platformer as a second part of this 'new' game ;)

Launch Version

New Features

Bug Fixes
   o Some enemy projectiles would remain after leaving and reentering a room
   o Auto aim would target hidden Ozzards (ghost like monsters)
   o Auto aim would focus on underground Moletrio
   o Aiming guide was positioned incorrect on minecarts
   o The screen reader settings title read "Visuals" instead of "Screen Reader"
   o Quill could use special jump moves while in a minecart or snowboarding
   o Rogue and Hot Shot achievements didn’t activate if the game had exited and reopened
   o Player could stand in a safe spot during Amphidra battle
   o Hovader's monster log entry was the wrong colour
   o Quill’s animations could break during snowboarding
   o With the Gamble runestone, hearts could still drop from a combo
   o UI heart could get "stuck" flashing white when paused
   o Bold font missing copyright character, offset all Japanese and Russian glyphs
   o Dialogue box newlines could fail when coloured text is displayed
   o Scorpion Skills icon showed :25 instead of :15

   o Koji recovers more quickly after missing a monster on minecarts
   o Potam (green crab) are less aggressive
   o Opening the feather ring now pauses minecarts
   o Toucan Trader added before Gemshine Mines minecart
   o Snacker (and similar enemies) hitbox made more generous
   o No chests are hidden underwater early in the game
   o Double stacked enemies won't appear in minecarts unless you have Magira's Feather
   o Enemies spawn in easier to hit locations during minecarts
   o Damage ranking is more lenient with bosses
   o Floor height in Furnace and Smuggleway Tarancura battles
   o Low health beep muted in cutscenes
   o Rebalance time to kill enemies in large rooms for ranking
   o Rebalance average combo when rooms only have 1 or 2 enemies for ranking
   o Taking damage now ends a combo
   o Nabber Grabber excludes pickups lost off cliff edges
   o Reduced difficulty of Level 4 Scaleback
   o Balance versions of Tarancura Miseros


New Features

Bug Fixes
   o Auto aim would target hidden Ferrettack
   o GOG Galaxy connection causes crash if offline

   o Invincibility and Horn of Plenty no longer spawn in dead ends


New Features
   o New Lite difficulty setting
   o Store unwanted runestones in the backpack
   o Lucky Chance to place bonus runestones in the backpack on game over,
      depending on how many monsters were defeated
   o Create loadout of runestones from the backpack on new run
   o Gameplay Tweak: 360 degree aiming
   o Gameplay Tweak: Permanent runestones

Bug Fixes
   o Numbers on doors displayed incorrectly in Japanese
   o Spamming change feather while performing double jumps could soft lock Quill
   o Urchidna could hide behind large coral
   o Keys could sink to the bottom of water before Quill can swim
   o Toucan Trader shop items weren't consistent on seeded levels
   o Venom and Potam projectiles sometimes stop bouncing
   o Lantern chains could break apart and shake
   o Icora's Wrath could last forever when using Icora Lock
   o Soft lock in Armaura battles when attacking from below the camera's bottom edge
   o Graphical error in gold Rattit's tail
   o Oliver's hit sprite was facing the wrong way when facing right
   o The shop button hint text did not update after buying an item
   o Mushroom monsters' gas cloud hitboxes did not match their animation
   o Ancient Coin slot was shown, but empty, after completing The Lair
   o Toucan Traders could spawn over lava
   o Burrophs and Moletrios could spawn below bridges
   o Big chest rooms in Falcon's Furnace could have too little safe ground
   o Linux/Mac: GIF and screenshot features would crash the game
   o Switch: Could not scroll down text boxes
   o PC: Rare crash when saving game
   o PC: Twitter connection could crash
   o PC: F4 key was mapped to hide the UI
   o GOG: Achievements didn't work when offline

   o Enhanced throw angles when using the thumbstick
   o Reduced cost of Piercing runestone
   o Number on timer doors is now displayed like a time (0:00) instead of a number (0)
   o Nagaka no longer stunned by lightning
   o Better gamepad deadzones
   o Revamped difficulty screen
   o Option to change difficulty on Game Over (story mode)
   o Option to change difficult on Win (story mode)
   o Quill can now run while up or down is being held
   o Fire Trail runestone replaced with Ember runestone
   o Volcanic Bomb runestone no longer sets the ground alight
   o Mushboom runestone explosions no longer hurt Quill
   o Can now launch Koji while in a ledge grab
   o Can now hit Burroph's tail while it is retreating
   o New Game Plus button now has a description
   o Time locked doors in Fireside Forest and High Tide Trouble are more forgiving
   o Overworld map now shows secret levels and ancient coins
   o Increase amount of items given for Offering runestone
   o Iframes added after Blast Off and Stratosphere
   o Quill's horizontal attack animation speed adjusted


New Features

Bug Fixes
   o Back button prompt wouldn't render on save selection when Sharp rendering is turned on
   o Treasure rooms could spawn off snowboard sections
   o Icora's Wrath could get huge combos on Mantikittens
   o Bonus runestones wheel could appear if GIFs are saved at a certain time during game over

   o Quill is locked in place when repeatedly attacking diagonally, instead of shuffling forwards
   o Achievements now allowed with Gameplay Tweaks turned on
   o Forest Fire doesn't begin in the loading room

~ [Switch]
New Features

Bug Fixes
   o Explosions caused double damage to Amphidra & Avabrazam
   o Some tooltips rendered off screen in certain languages
   o PC: The link to Twitter was broken (for posting GIFs)

   o Game over screen revamped

New Features
   o Beep on end of combo setting
   o Show combo time clock setting
   o Show launch time clock setting

Bug Fixes
   o Game Over runestones soft locked when spinning over an hour
   o Speedrun paused reason overlapped the timer in Japanese
   o Lite mode Manaroc dropped every 2 monsters not 2x combos
   o Only 2 locked doors would spawn in Labyrinthine Shrine
   o Warp Spark + Stinger runestones could crash the game when launching Koji down when standing on the ground
   o Off screen monster markers could spawn in the centre of the screen

   o Forest fires given a delayed start on Casual difficulty
   o Combo spheres on second Armaura battle do not timeout on Casual difficulty
   o Helper step added to the Misty Marsh entry puzzle on Casual
   o Frost runestones now stack
   o Removed awkward slope from the overworld Ice crystal challenge above Gemshine Mines
   o The low health beep sound no longer plays during the sequence after the final battle
   o Size of UI elements in Visual Accessibility
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# JMB: Second part of some old changelogs from:
# *
# for "Eagle Island" (the original Rogue-like game; giving the story)
# which is now part of the big update "Eagle Island Twist"
# with a platformer as a second part of this 'new' game ;)

[Steam] [GOG] [GOG Public-Beta]

New Features
   o Improved aiming system
   o Improved player controls
   o 17 new runestones
   o Improved special effects
   o Gameplay Tweak: No player damage
   o Gameplay Tweak: Respawning from checkpoints
   o Many more, play to find out!

Bug Fixes
   o Countless!

   o Greatly reduced Koji & Ichiro's cooldown time after missing an attack
   o Greatly increased Quill's speed and air control
   o Buffed Icora's Feather attack with larger hitbox
   o Buffed runestones: Bully, Boost, Blue Fin/Gold Scale, Deep Freeze,
      Quake/Landslide, Retaliate/Explosive Rage, Healing Tear, Ember
   o Runestones display a life bar
   o Removed the less exciting runestones
   o Increased rendering clarity of Japanese text
   o Toucan Traders carry an extra runestone for greater choice
   o Many more, seriously, play to find out!

# Now the Steam changelog of

Eagle Island Summer Solstice Update
Posted: Fri, July 10, 2020 @ 10:39 PM CEST
Improved controls, better graphics, new runestones, and checkpoints!

Hey everyone, welcome to the Eagle Island Summer Solstice Update!

I've been paying close attention to reviews and feedback, and challenged myself to create
this update fixing all of the key issues players had with the game!
Here's a fun video showing the update's features. If you stick around for the end,
you'll get a preview of what's coming next!

Revamped player control
You said Quill's movement was too slippery and unresponsive. I originally wanted Quill to feel like
a retro game character, but this clashed with many players' expectation of an indie game.
I've now increased Quill's acceleration (so he's not slippery) and added a skidding animation with dust clouds,
making him feel more grounded. His air acceleration has also been increased to give greater control while jumping
(a bit less Simon Belmont!)

You also said Koji took too long to recover after missing a shot - this recovery time has been significantly reduced.

Revamped aiming system
You said aiming Koji was too difficult and the 8 direction aiming felt bad. I've reprogrammed the entire aiming system
making it more responsive - for both keyboard and gamepad. I removed a feature which snaps the direction you aim back
to horizontal - this was causing many players to inadvertently launch Koji horizontally when they didn't want to.
The game now defaults to 360 aiming when using a gamepad, and has a new (optional) aiming guide to keep your aim true!
If you want to use 360 aiming without a gamepad, you can either enable mouse control or use the auto aim accessibility

New runestones
You said some of the runestones are too boring. I've replaced those ones with 17 brand new ones! I've also buffed some
of the remaining runestones to make them more exciting and practical. Runestones now display a life bar on the UI so
you aren't surprised when they suddenly explode! As before, there's the option to make them permanent if you prefer that.
Toucan Traders now carry an extra runestone in their stock so you get a greater choice at shops!

Damage and checkpoints
You said the game is too hard and should have checkpoints to respawn at. It's traditional in a roguelite to restart
a run from the beginning if you fail, but I totally understand that many players don't like that.
Now you can enable respawning and simply start from the last fast travel statue you activated!
There's also the option to completely disable taking damage. These options are available on all difficulty settings
and can be enabled/disabled on the fly.

Effects and graphics
Koji's had a bit of a graphical update with a smoother turning around animation and a much bouncier squishy
impact animation! Fire, lightning and ice effects have all been greatly improved - the game is much flashier now.

Thanks to you all for playing, and stay tuned for more big news coming soon!

# Source:

[Steam public_beta]

New Features

Bug Fixes
   o PC: Mouse aiming direction was a few pixels off

   o Mouse control option moved to Controls settings
   o Terrain is now ignored when selecting a target when using Ghost runestone with the Auto Aim setting on
   o Enable Mouse Control moved to the Controls settings
   o Steam: Leaderboards migrated to Steamworks
   o GOG: Leaderboards migrated to GOG Galaxy

# JMB: this is the last entry of the source
# *
# so now switching to other sources (given in each case).
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Soar into Adventure in Eagle Island Twist, Out Now!
Posted: Fri, May 28, 2021 @ 2:00 AM CEST
This new free update to Eagle Island is now live.

It’s been a long flight, but after a lot of hard work and lost feathers, Eagle Island Twist is out today!

This massive update takes the awesome mechanics of the original Eagle Island, and builds on them
in fresh and inventive ways across an expansion that is practically a new game!

About Twist:
Eagle Island Twist is a free update that brings an all-new story to Eagle Island.
As Fia, use your kookaburra Kusako to embark on an adventure that has you facing off against a dark doppelganger
to restore a broken artifact - the Manaroc Twist! On your journey you’ll encounter extraordinary challenges,
huge bosses, and awesome new powers, as you track down Dark Fia.

Jam packed with new content, Eagle Island Twist brings the high-flying action of the original game to new heights!

New Levels, New Challenges:
Explore over 45 handcrafted stages that mix up the gameplay and pay homage to classic retro titles.
Choose between casual or more difficult routes via the branching world map,
and replay levels to find hidden collectables and secret areas.

Feathered Frenzy:
On your journey you’ll find emeralds hidden throughout the levels. Use these to unlock new feathers that grant
incredible powers like the golden Lumara form, which allows you to launch Kusako at the speed of light!

Two For One:
Owners of the original Eagle Island get Twist as a free update, and newcomers get both experiences
in one great package! Take on the original roguelike challenge as Quill and Koji to defeat
the guardian eagle Armaura, or try the Rogue and Weekly Speedrun gameplay modes to test your skills.

# Source:

# JMB:
# Note that Eagle Island Twist may be regarded as a new game - there is no changelog
# from Eagle Island to Eagle Island Twist - as this was a huge update ...


Posted: Tue, June 1, 2021 @ 10:18 PM CEST
Thanks to all the players who provided early feedback on Discord.
A quick patch with a few QoL features and some fixes :)

   o Speedrun timer now continues to run on the menu and map
   o Speedrun timer now shows an individual level timer

   o The combo-crystal puzzle in Ice Slide Glide has been redesigned to stop players misinterpreting the solution.
   o A manaroc block has been added to the challenge at the end of Thrust Jump Jeopardy to help players find the solution.
   o In Hardcore difficulty, blocks which contained hearts on easier difficulties now appears as solid empty blocks instead of
      breakable blocks. This was misleading players into thinking secrets were nearby.
   o Off-screen seeds in Sploding Seeds now have an arrow indicator
   o Minor tweaks to a few levels
   o Ice Shard Missiles on Ancient Armaments now despawn if you enter a room and one is near Fia.
   o Sound effects no longer play on repeat when stationary on the Twist map screen.
   o The clinking cog sound effect of falling platforms is no long audible when in other rooms.

Bug Fixes
   o Fixed: It was not possible to gain a gold medal on Ribbilick Ruins. The coin requirement has been lowered.
   o Fixed: The game soft-locks when health reaches zero in lava, when trapped beneath a platform.
   o Fixed: The game could occaisional crash on first load due to an issue creating the config.ini file.
   o Fixed: Spamming different feather selection when flying through a room exit
      could cause Kusako to teleport backwards in Flying Solo.
   o Fixed: Kusako could clip inside the terrain when taking damage in Flying Solo.
   o Fixed: Manaroc Twist Shards could be bounced around by explosions, causing them to land in inaccessible areas.
   o Fixed: Sometimes new paths appeared offset after beating a level and returning to the map screen.

# Source:


Posted: Sat, June 5, 2021 @ 1:42 AM CEST
A very minor patch in preparation for this weekend's speedrun tournament.

Bug Fixes
   o Workaround: In rare circumstances the urchin at the end of Prickletack Pond could despawn itself.
      As a workaround for the tournament, if this happens the Manaroc Shard will now spawn in automatically
      at 13 seconds in the boss room or later. This will be fixed properly in the next major patch.
   o Fixed: The secret code was not displayed when playing the game in German language.

# Source:


Current version on GOG Offline Installer (as of 30. July 2021):
   o (47399) GNU/Linux
   o (47366) Windows & Mac


Patch (GOG GNU/Linux only)

Bug Fix:
   o Stripping out every mention of gog galaxy from the code.

# Source: Discord communication (

GOG Offline Installer: (47399) => (48968) on 02. Aug. 2021 (GNU/Linux only)

# JMB: So former build did not run ... I reported the problem ... which was directly
#          addressed by Dev - thanks! - and is now solved.
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