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This mod reduces the chances of events happening in provinces.

I noticed if you have 20-30 provinces there are 3-4 events every turn and nearly every turn somewhere something burns down that needs to be rebuild. This gets annoying...

Technically every province runs through every possible event in the game in random order, this slows this process down.

With this change the chance is changed from ~10% to 1% per turn and province. At the beginning with 3-4 provinces you will probably not have any/many events but later on the shard they also do not overwhelm you forcing automated fast clicking through the events.

This does not affect rebellions or peoples rage against you.
The Events are still random and depend on the province level, race, population and so on.

Just extract the data folder to your Eador Master of the Broken World folder :)


p.s. the variable gc_map_ProvinceEventFreq for the chance is hardcoded and I exchanged it with another constant value here:

[*] = ; if SameText(provPlayer, myPlName) and (RandomExt < 1 / 100) then //gc_map_ProvinceEventFreq
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This is fabulous and I love you for it - but what would one do to change the likelihood of events to 0? Put "0" instead of "1 / 100" ?
gscotti: This is fabulous and I love you for it - but what would one do to change the likelihood of events to 0? Put "0" instead of "1 / 100" ?
Should work?
But I do want some events, I mean it would be boring and wasted content otherwise?
As I said there are still rebellions, but if you change it to 0, then no events occur to ever change the attitude towards you.

I tested with 20/100 which is more than usual.
10/100 was about the same as without change.
1/100 reduced it noticable, even with 20-30 provinces you get up to 4 rounds without event. But you can still get 2 or more events at a time, it is random.
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I have it at 1/1000 at the moment. Will try 0 one of these days.
Again, many thanks. If we ever meet you got a beer on me.
Good to hear :)

I really like the 1/00, I can conquer a whole shard without being stressed or anything. Still there are plenty of events from time to time and the more provinces you have.
Hi there @disi ! How can I increase the size of the hotseat shard maps?
Iv'e asked a lot of people but no one know how or want to help me so far except that other guy who might implement it later in his mods. Ive seen you used to mod this like a god back in the days!

I think the maps could be double the size of colossal. Ive asked the guy who made "Fixers of the broken world" and he was was kind enough to consider it in the future (his mod is mandatory if you haven't installed it yet and its a very important mod to use). But I would like to see this happen earlier if I can, and maybe I can learn myself. How and what files would I change? I assume and it seems that its very hard to mod things, and its not like modding "Beyond Earth" or other such games... Way harder.

Any ideas?
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