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On steam DLC is out 3 days ago.
high rated
We are currently working on hotfixes and other improvements in the wake of the Steam release. This means that the GOG release will take a bit longer with upside that the release will be more stable.
Thanks and good work
And I'm sooo looking forward to it. Awesome game.
Finally, its available at GOG now:

DYSMANTLE: Underworld

(Dont forget to activate the DLC Download in the Main-Game Section / Library via DLC-Checkbox.)
Post edited October 10, 2022 by BertramBullig
I am obviously doing something wrong.

I bought the DLC today, but I am not able to use it.
I don't use Galaxy (since I am running Linux), I simply downloaded the (tiny) .pkg-file.

Dysmantle runs perfectly fine, and has done so for many months.

But how do I activate/install the Underworld DLC?
I tried copying the .pkg-file to the game directory, but that does not change anything.

Any suggestions? Am I overlooking something?