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I am enjoying the game as well and also have some suggestions:

- We have a run toggle in the options menu so we don't need to keep a key pressed to keep running. However whenever i stop moving I am back to walking again. Can we also get an actual walk/run option that keeps the running option active?

- Right now I am constantly switching tools in my inventory since we have only three tools slots, and 2 are used for weapons. This gets a bit tedious. Maybe it is is an option to turn the shovel, fishing pole, hoe and seed bag anto a feature instead of a tool and assign another key to use them. The specific tool used can be determined by your location: Near water the fishing pole, on untilled land the hoe, on tilled land the seed bag and otherwise the shovel.

- I like the crates where you have to get to them quickly before they lock. Unfortunately the contents of these crates are usually disapointing. Maybe these can contain at least a rare material or even a recipe or the like?

- The wells can ask for items that are very limited (mainly spices and green fish). Could it be possible for the requirements to reset/change at the start of each day?

- When cooking could it be possible to put the focus on the 'Cook and Eat' button after I have clicked on a recipe. Now I always have to do these extra steps myself which should not be necessary. This is probably not needed when using the mouse/keyboard but I am using a controller and it makes cooking a bit clunky now.

- Whenever i use a grenade I always have to manually aim it. Especially against some boss fights this takes too long. Could it be possible to simply throw the grenade (as far as possible) towards the selected enemy with a short click/keypress, just like for the knife?

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Thank you for the suggestions!

There are plans for a better tool selection UI, but there is no set date as to when this will happen.

There will be some quality of life changes to the cooking UI in the next patch.

As for your other suggestions, they have been noted and we will visit the possibility of adding them the next time we are able to.