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I have some major bugs. First is no loot in game at all. I have no mods installed, but still there is no loot in game. Corpses are empty, all containers are empty, police cars are empty. There is no loot at all. Same thing is happening when i'm creating new game. I was trying repair option - it did nothing :/ No loot - no game play !
Another weird thing is that i can't switch arrows. There is no option for that (it is working on xbox controller, but not on keyboard). This should be hold R to switch arrow type. But i have "tip" saying "hold ?unknown? to switch arrow type". There is no option to change this key (there is reload key R, but not switch ammo type).
And yeah Techland. Why are you selling game on GOG, when you don't support this version?! Application for companion (Dying Light Companion - or something like that) is only for ps4, xbox and steam NO GOG. It's BS and you know it !!
Post edited November 15, 2017 by sutaj