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I've recently started playing Dying Light in the past month or so, but I've put a lot of hours into it.

So far I would always spawn in a safe zone, no matter where I logged out at. It is usually nowhere near any of my current objectives, but always in a safe zone.

The past two times I logged out in a safe zone and spawned back in when I played again nowhere near any safe zones and far from any objective. When this started, I was doing the reporter side quest and got his satchel from the café. It bugged virals and was continually spawning 5 on me no matter where I went, and no matter what I did, they could find me and would wait for me. Even if I went into a safe zone, went to sleep, logged out and back in, they would spawn directly on me and find me no matter where I went. I ended up finally killing them and just going from safe zone to safe zone and killing them when I got there. I finished the quest and it seemed to stop it, but after that is when this spawning issue started.

Does anyone know anything about this? It's spawning me in pretty dangerous areas and I'm getting killed and losing XP simply because of where it spawns me in the game. Again, I always log out in a safe zone.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!