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I have played through the ordinary Campaign for Dying Light numerous times and this has never happened before.

I completed the story quest "The Pit" on Nightmare difficulty and noticed that during the end of the quest when the cutscene between Crane, Zere, Rais and his soldiers plays, for whatever reason the Antizen Seizure Effect (blurred vision, distorted sound etc) played into the cutscene for almost all of its entirety.

"That's pretty odd" I thought, but soon after I noticed that during the moment when Zere dies from his wound, the effect disappeared and everything seemed to have returned to normal. The problem however, returned soon after I made my way outside of Rais's Building.

At first, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary, Crane was immedetly met with the Antizen Seizure Effect accompanied by all of the expcted vices (blurred vision, distorted sound, no stamina). This is part of the questline and transitions to a new location where Crane awakens from his seizure to find Brecken and the Tower survivors on a raft.

The second I awoke, the Antizen Seizure Effect was present throughout the whole cutscene, just like with the previous cutscene with Rais. It difficult to understand the dialogue from the characters due to the heavily distorted audio, but what really surprised me was the lingering effects of the Antizen Seizure Effect.

No matter what I do, I have the blurred vision, disorted audio and low stamina ALWAYS active. I have tried sleeping, restaring the game, entering and exiting the campaigns (Both for The Following Expansion and Base Game),

It is very frustrating and greatly ruins the enjoyment I have for this game. I am a very big fan of Dying Light and would love for anyone over at Techland to look into this issue.

Hopefully someone can help me soon!

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