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I noticed yesterday the update of Dying Light and proceed to play a bit. I wasn't able to get how to get the new stuff, so I clicked the "Verify/Repair" thingy on the Galaxy ("Maybe the patch is not installed or something like that") and the process failed giving me the error message that gives the title to this thread.

The game is fully playable trough its .exe file, but I can't use Galaxy's overlay nor take screenshots and all that stuff.

Any idea on what's going on and how to fix it?

(I've tried to re-download the game and "scan the folder" where it is installed to no avail)
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Same problem on two PCs here. Two seperate PCs can download and install every game through Galaxy except Dying Light. Weird.

Solution: Download via classic installers, integrate in Galaxy. Works flawlessly.

EDIT: To make the solution clearer: Download the game on the homepage with the calssic .exe and .bin installers, install them, then scan the game folder with Galaxy to get the game and Galaxy connected.
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