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There is still some huge lag after I tried to use the lowest video settings:
- resolution set my screen resolution 1366 * 768
- everything set to off (anti aliasing, blur, vertical synch...)

field of view min

NVIDIA control Panel for Dying Light:
- max pre-rendered frames set to 1
- Texture / filtering quality set to high perf

My conf is
Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM
win 7

The min requirement CPU is Intel® Core™ i5-2500.
So i7-3630QM should be OK right??

no app running in the back ground when I tested the game.

and still, when I move forward into the game, after I sop hitting the forward button, the toon will need like 4 seconds to stop running...

Thx in advance for your help.
which nVidia card

Your CPU is powerful enough , but its the graphics card that does the hard work

My wifes old laptop has a 940mx graphics, that barely ran Dying Light, then a recent update made it up playable/
It's the NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M
I ve just installed the latest drivers and there is actually a big improvement.

Still quite laggy though. When I move forward for let's say 5 seconds, the toon will keep running for 1 to 2 more seconds after I release the move button. It was around +5 extra seconds after releasing before I updated the NV drivers.

So in a way it is much better but I m afraid this lag will be leathal after the prologue... :(
Burzum66: It's the NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M
nVidia Graphics card naming convention

nn xx

Last two numbers are entry/power level, first one/two are generation

While you are a generation above min spec, the 35, puts your card at the low end, well below the power needed.

No way it will run
Thx a ton for your very clear expanation.
I suppose I ll have to stick back to Tetris et Super Mario games for the incoming months ;)
Burzum66: Thx a ton for your very clear expanation.
I suppose I ll have to stick back to Tetris et Super Mario games for the incoming months ;)
Is it a laptop, or do you have an onboard Intel graphics card? On systems with the Intel graphics card and an Nvidia video card, you have to select the Nvidia as your GPU. Right click the desktop, click on the Nvidia control panel, manage 3d settings, and program settings. Select the Dying Light exe file and go down to default GPU, select the High Speed Nvidia GPU.

I have to do this with just about every game I install. Make sure you save when you make your change, and you should not have to do it again for this game unless you uninstall/reinstall.
That GPU is awaay to weak for this game pal.