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Does the gog version have exclusive dockets? Content drop 1 has an exclusive ye olde trusty docket on gemly but the website seems down so i can't test in relation to gog. Also, the expansion that was released came with 40 dockets codes to enter. It involves linking your steam account or xbox,ps.

Is gog missing out?
I can't get into the website either. They sent me a verify email code, and it just sits there spinning. I'll try again tomorrow.
Looks like "feature rich" (or internet functionality features). Dockets look useless to offline players
As far as I'm aware, dockets etc are for steam only.

That's not all, there was also a steam challenge of Hypermode, where they also gained chance to get another two golden dockets.
Game's been patched.
Would've been nice if this shitty site's notifications had let folk know, but I only found out via
They provided GOG codes for the last exlusive docket, this time they only let you link to steam. I left them a message, doubt it will help. But worth a try.
He's what happened with me so far.

Hypermode event
If you played via galaxy, the hypermode event was enable. You could see the counter of zombies killed and your hand to hand damage was set to hypermode.

After reading that the bonus weapons would come via dockets I contacted Techland support.

They said Dockets are only available via Steam, Xbox Live and PSN. I assume because these platforms have a social API that lets you link your account to their services (like we can link Steam account to GoG Connect)

A little miffed, but DRM free sometimes comes with down sides.

Except, at the end of the promo I got 2 dockets. Then a third a day later.

My son that also uses my copy on his machine got a second set of 3 dockets too.

I updated my ticket, but got no reply.

Ye Olde Trusty
Again seeing this was Docket based I asked support

Hi Guys, I've got Dying Light Via GoG. I've been able to get the Military Rifle via a GoG key, but you are using dockets for Ye Old Trusty and GoG doesn'ty yet support these. Will you be making a GoG key or will there be any way to link GoG accounts? Vince
Their reply

Dear Mechmouse,

Most likely we will, though no further information on the matter is available at the moment.

Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter at (at the bottom of the page) and FB profile to obtain the latest news and updates as soon as they are revealed by our teams, please.

Best Regards
Techland Support Team
More stuff releasing later today. Steam only again...
Man, I gotta say, I'm really disappointed in the way Techland seems to be treating GOG players with this whole docket/bonus/dlc stuff.

Besides, is it only me or are there WAY less people playing Dying Light on GOG? I've never had the chance to play some co-op, there are never any games available for me and I don't know why.
I've already completed the game once and played through The Following dlc, now I wanted to do a frash start since a lot new content is being dropped but I can't hardly find anybody
Yet another weapon has been added that we've not got access to, yet...
This is a pretty raw deal from techland, considering the 1st DLC weapon was offered.
I'm really disappointed in techland over this
Let's see if this patch makes it here, even though we're still waiting for all of the others that didn't...
"Happy Holidays from the Dying Light team. And look out for some holiday treats from us very soon..."

Wonder if we'll see the previous ones before we see this one (which will perhaps arrive next chrimbo. :p