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I continually tell this program to "Allow" access and I am not wishing to share this PC with my others so I set it to "public I am at home, not in an airport. I set the access to public and when I reboot my PC and start the game it automattically "ALT-TABs" me to the desktop(I do not initiate the command) and prompts me for an action for the stupid firewall yet again. the message looks something like this. this has happened with several games since GOG updated their galaxy client. Since some of my updates do not work with a manual download I prefer Galaxy but this is a nuisance. Also, the game reverts to the "windowed bordered" mode when I specifically set it to "Full screen" I have to do this every time I launch the game. I also use Geforce Experience latest version(v3.0.6.48) which is now an app instead of just a utility, but I have also disabled this odd little iphone-style app as it seems to put icons up I do not want., It does not list this game as "optimization" but still seems to revert to the bordered window mode default mode no matter what I do. Also, when I cripple the service and disable Galaxy "overlay" I still get the pesky firewall prompt message.(I have tried the game with the overlay both enabled and disabled) I have also tried playing offline,(an addition to online) for diagnostics purposes. somehow the game thinks it is online. though most of the services in game claim the service is "disconnected" I am not even online the services should say nothing and the firewall prompt should not be doing this.
I have also tried setting it to "home" access but it still continues to bother me after I stop and reboot my PC and restart the game.
I am using Windows 7 Ultimate with its built in firewall, not Windows 10. though W7 is fully updated to September's latest fixes. I continually check as I play online everyday. my other security(MSSE) is disabled.

any aid would be appreciated I love this game but hate the bugs!
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