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Bought Dying Light recently during the Halloween Sale, and I must say, It's an absoulute blast. Having spent numerous hours playing around with all kinds of creative ways to kill Zombies, part of me is curious if Techland would consider some adding kind of kill-counter?

I would love to see a kill counter somewhere on my HUD, maybe left of the mini-map or just beneath the health bar. It could be set that kills are tracked by individual character saves :)

And for people who aren't too fond of the idea, maybe the option to disable/enable said kill-counter in the options menu :)

Heck, maybe Techland could also add some kind of exclusive skins rewarded from certain kill counts :3

What do you guys think?

Thankyou Techland for the amazing game, and I cant wait to see more info on Hellraid in the near future :D Keep up the amazing work! Sincerely - a runner :P
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