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I am having difficulties running Dying Light.

After attempting to launch:
-The Dying Light logo pops up and disappears after several seconds
-A black window pops up and after several seconds, does not respond and needs to be closed.

After reading the troubleshooting guide, I assume the issue is with .bik video files. So I attempted to uninstall my codec and install K-Lite codec instead. This did not fix the issue.

I have tried to downloading RADTools.exe from Bink Video's official web page but both my chrome and explorer browsers will not download the file because it think the file includes a virus. I have emailed Bink for help downloading the file and am awaiting a reply now.

Compatibility mode and running as admin does not work either. I have Uninstalled, reinstalled, repaired.

I have deleted the "DyingLight" folder in my documents.

Interestingly I have run Dying Light on my PC previously using Steam without any issues. I created another GOG account and purchased Dying Light for my son so we can play together and it works on his Windows 10 PC without a problem.

Windows 10 x64
GeForce GTX 1080
16gb memory
2560x1080 monitor
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