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Hello there,
I have a quite annoying problem with this game and my keyboard :
it looks like I can't even type any semicolon or equal sign in the console, which is quite annoying to issue chainned orders and redefining aliases.
Is anyone here had the same issue?
Did anione find a fix for it?

Thanks for answering!
Probably you're not using an english keyboard layout. Guessing by your user name, I'd say try the ^-key (right next to P) to type a semicolon; if not keep trying other keys.
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In the launcher, configure it like this (or replace the primary rather than adding a secondary):

In german layout...
[ ü ] -> [ ; ]
[ ä ] -> [ ' ]

I added assignments [ , ] for Semicolon, and the [ # ] key for Quote.

In other layouts, either look it up, or use the console ingame at drone training, just go through the rows pressing all keys one after the other, and when you're done, look at what's on screen. From there, you should be able to find yours.

Oh and, onother very important tip: Press [Ctrl] + [Up] ingame and it gets the last commands. Same with [Down] for cycling the other way. Way easier than typing door names twice, for example, or for correcting typos using [Ctrl] + [Left / Right] to move the cursor to the error.
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