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Besides exiting to save is there any other way? Before I proceed to do osmthing that may get me killed can I save and if I die get back to that save point?? Or am I better off getting my three drones killed THAN will it let me replay my last save??
Post edited December 30, 2018 by effx33
There's a few settings ingame allowing for a very easy approach with soft reset and retry.
Options -> Difficulty -> Soft Reset & Abnormal Exit Revisit in particular.
And other settings modifying a few more ingame related things.

Abnormal Exit would allow you to for example, Taskkill the game and retry the mission you died / lost too much stuff on, but I think Alt+F4 and normal exit still saves your losses and marks that location as visited so you can't go back in. So taskkill only for that one, probably.

( i ) Taskkill: Ctrl+Shift+ESC -> Processes -> Duskers.exe, End Process.

As for the savegames - you can zip the contents of...
%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Duskers
... and later restore a savegame you backed up by doing that after things went south.

Other than that, though... nope. No saves mid-mission.