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Changelog for OS Update / GOG-2 (Linux) (added 19th May 2016):

- 64-bit compatibility for Linux added
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Changelog for update 1.02 / GOG-4 (Windows) / GOG-3 (Mac and Linux) (added 25th May 2016):

- Fix: Possible cause of players losing saves. After dying, the 'Restart' option (wrong name) was executing old code. Renamed to Reset and used the updated Reset code.
- Added: Additional ship slot validation logic added based on a state a player's data had gotten into. We also try to apply it automatically to minimize needing to go to the main main menu to validate/repair.
- Added: Hint when ship begins deteriorating that you can commandeer
- Fix: Don't allow Drone to continue firing at an enemy in another room when the door is closed between them.
- Remove: Message telling player they are out of fuel EXCEPT in weekly challenge. This had a couple issues where it triggered incorrectly - also was the cause of some hang errors after leaving ships
- Fix: Don't allow players to dock to an airlock that isn't yet on the schematic.
- Fix: When viewing another system, pressing 'T' was draining P-Fuel as if you had actually traveled.
- Fix: Cases where patrol bots could shoot/move through closed doors
- Universal Linux build (separate 32 & 64 bit builds)
- Added: FS/Windowed toggle to Linux (ALT+ENTER or SHIFT+ALT+ENTER)
- Add: -alias-disablectrl command line option to disable the CTRL on the Alias window (interferes with Scandinavian keyboards, which use CTRL to access keys like '$')
- Change: Allow mapping of arrow keys (in Unity Launcher)
- Fix: Make sure 1st transportable room is clear of large debris and has at least one size that is 3 to make sure player isn't blocked from boarding an outpost.
- Added Upgrade Wear & Ship Wear to strategy menu
- Updated Semicolon tip text
- Help text has been clarified for many commands
- Other minor fixes
Cool, thanks. Question: Is the patch working on a current save game or needs it to start a new game?
Darklord666: Cool, thanks. Question: Is the patch working on a current save game or needs it to start a new game?
I think this thread is mostly used by GoG to post the change logs, but you should be able to continue to play. If you used the old Restart option in v1.0, you won't want to exit to the main menu until after you Reset (or lose your current run) - but otherwise should be fine :)
Thanks. I know this thread is mostly for GOG, that's why I keep myself short. GOG should make this thread read-only.
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Changelog for update 1.022 / GOG-5 (Windows) / GOG-4 (Mac and Linux) (added 27th May 2016):

- Small update to fix a ship upgrade duplication bug we may have introduced with v1.02, as well as a bug in the weekly challenge
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Changelog for update 1.03 / GOG-6 (Windows) / GOG-5 (Mac and Linux) (added 15th June 2016):

- Added: Schematic video feed is now repairable in Modifications under Ship (cost prohibitive, commandeering is still optimal strategy). Also increased the minimum time it will take the feed to break.
- Added: Option to enable re-starting a mission that was terminated early (game crash, exited to main menu, etc). Difficulty Options -> Abnormal Exit Revisit. We hope this helps those that experience crashes (especially the Mac rainbow bug)
- Added: Color Blind mode, which changes colors for Sensor and Motion scanners to make them easier to distinguish.
- Updated Strategy text for Commandeering and Ship Wear, as well as the help for Reroute command
- Change: Disallow certain characters in a dronenames.txt file: ':', '|', ',', or '='. Drones with names containing these characters will be ignored.
- Change: Ignore drone names in dronenames.txt file that start with characters that could be confused with door/room numbers (ex: R2D2)
- Fix: Some Internal Processing Errors when using ‘tow’
- Fix: When pressing ‘backspace’ on Main Menu, no longer deletes the main menu (this was the funniest bug evar, what did you expect?!)
- Fix: The value shown for Days Survived at the end of a mission when in a continuing run was relative to the number of days survived since starting Duskers and not since the beginning of the run. While the value in Stats was correct, this fixes the value shown at the end of missions to match stats (the actual Days Survived on a run).
- Fix: If either (or both) ‘begin’ and ‘end’ alias entries were removed or modified in the alias file, they would mistakenly be added back in whenever playing a challenge.
- Fix: Viewing another galaxy from a system with a stargate, but when you were not on the stargate node, would return you to the stargate node instead of your actual node.
- Fix: Using the same name for multiple drones was causing issues when one of those same-named drones was lost so that the lost drone would return and a good drone lost instead.
- Fix: Teleporting sensors left the sensor sound in the original room (the room they were teleported out of). Similarly, a lost/destroyed sensor would continue to make sound.
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Changelog for Patch 1.04/ GOG-7 (Windows)/ GOG-6 (Linux and Mac) (added 8 July 2016):

WARNING: Many changes may act odd if you're in the middle of a run. If you are in the middle of a run and aren't willing to start a new one you may want to wait till your run is ended.

- Added: When ‘exit’ing a ship (or commandeering), if you have acquired 1+ drones that would put you over the max number of drones, a new warning has been added to tell you not all drones can be kept and which drone(s) will be left behind.  You will have the option to cancel the ‘exit’ so that you can move equipment around, etc, to minimize the loss.
- Change: Limit number of rooms with an inconclusive motion signal to at most 50%
- Change: In a previous patch, we kept small rooms from being the first room in a transporter, however players still occasionally encountered outposts with a room so small they can’t board.  We’ve updated that to reduce the likelihood even further, but expanding the logic and making it more fault tolerant.
- Fixed: Using ‘teleport’ with an unsupported command now fails the command, rather than launching your drone to its death   Ex: ‘teleport 2 mine r8’ will let you know that ‘mine’ is not supported, rather than teleporting drone 2 into r8.
- Fixed: Transporter ship upgrade was getting stuck in ‘recharging’ state
- Fixed: Universe map sometimes had some really long lines that pushed the edge of the map offscreen.  Reduced the max length to avoid that issue in the future.
- Fixed: Previously if you got a new drone from a ship back to your boarding ship, but then all your regular fleet drones died, the game was over.  Now it’ll take into account the new drone you found, allowing you to ‘exit’ and continue play with that drone.
- Fix: Collect scrap in corridor!!!  Reworked to remove the annoying issue of “unreachable” scrap in the middle of a corridor.
- Fixed: Don't show drone left behind on mission summary
- Minor Fix: Pressing 1, 2, or 3 while a ship was traveling (animating) was causing state issues, including a loss of fuel.  Now will ignore changing views while animating.  You can still use ENTER/SPACE to quick-jump.