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Did a fresh install of macOS Catalina, and then a fresh install of Dusk 1.5.32. It starts up in a 4x3 aspect ratio
and the opening animation is running at about 1 frame every 5-10 seconds. The mouse is almost non-responsive, and it takes several minutes to get into the settings to try and change some settings. I gave up after a few tries and having to command-q to kill Dusk.

Completely deleted all files related to Dusk 1.5.32 and installed 1.5.2. Everything works fine - starts up in 16x9 aspect ratio with smooth opening animation.
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Hello! Sorry about being late to this, but anyways this mustve been an error on our part. Basically what is likely happening is that the game is running at 9999x9999 resolution. What i would suggest is trying to change that in your dusk.ini file located in the games config folder. Or you can do it from the menu if you are patient enough. Sorry about this!
I have the same issue and editing the dusk.ini doesn't change anything.

I found a post on Steam that said to change the resolution in-game, but that's not possible for me as I can't even move the cursor in-game.

Please patch!
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