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DUSK usually works on my PC. I own both the Steam and GOG version. This issue is happening in the GOG version. Never occured in over 70 hours of the Steam version. Now, the issue is as the title states. It bugs out while in menus and gameplay.

Performance is fine as DUSK is able to even run on very low spec machines. That is out of question. Crashes? I never experienced one in either Steam or GOG versions. But for some reason starting today (at the time of this post) the game will randomly exit to desktop for NO reason whatsoever.

IT IS NOT CRASHING. I know this because I look at my taskbar and the game is still running. It is open, just closing to desktop for whatever reason. I can no longer properly play the game. If anyone else is experiencing this issue let me know and if there are solutions please tell me how to fix the game. Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: Was playing "The Ultimate Doom" via source port and the exact same problem happened. Therefore it has nothing to do with DUSK. Must be something. I will look into this. If anyone else has this issue in general PLEASE let me know about it and how to fix this.
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