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I'm posting this here in case the developer reads it and can fix this bug.

When playing with a controller (xbox 360 controller) and the hud turned OFF, I've noticed a glitch. Whenever I use the flashlight (turning it on or off), the hud reappears. I have to then press the = button on the keyboard to make it go away again, but every time I press the B button on the xbox 360 controller, the hud reappears.

It seems to be that showing the hud is accidentally bound to the same key as using the flashlight. Since, I can't rebind the controller buttons myself or look at a configuration file or console commands due to the nature of Unity, I can't troubleshoot any more than that. The hud that reappears is the minimal hud on the right hand side of the screen, not the large hud. It doesn't change size when you continue to press the B button on the controller, so it's not bound to the minus key, just whatever function shows the hud.


I've read on New Blood's discord page that they look at the Steam forum more often for information about bugs. Would someone with a steam account post this bug for me? I tried to register on steam, but they won't let me post unless I buy something and I don't feel like dealing with steam.
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I've forwarded the link to this thread to David Szymanski.