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There an update of dusk today 03/12/2020

Is there any changelog ?
I haven't seen a changelog yet, but I assume it's the recent update that was released on Steam that eliminated the "Loading tunes..." loading screen that always took forever. Now that's on the screen for a fraction of a second. Originally, the developer didn't realize there was a better way of loading audio, and when he figured it out, it was a big pain for him to fix it. That's what he said on New Blood's Twitch channel, anyway. I'm not sure what else changed, if anything.
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AFAIK there were also performance updates, that were adopted and ported into the PC version from the Switch version.

From the steam Halloween update page:

[i]You will now load into DUSK almost instantly after the initial DOS bootup sequence. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Don't ask how we did it...

(You can also now add a "-skip-dos" launch option to skip the FakeDOS intro screen entirely.)

But you shouldn't because it's super cool and retro.

We've also re-written the achievement manager, as it contributed to a significant performance loss.

Shorter loads. Better performance. For DUSK. In 2020. Damn right.

But the DUSK SDK has also gotten a host of updates!

Heavily optimized startup code, which fixes the infamously long "loading tunes" screen.
Fixed health and armor being incorrect after loading a save on a custom level.
Lighting accuracy in Quake 1 BSP (v29) maps has been improved.
Cartdogs no longer spawn without a model.
Wendigos now correctly spawn invisible.
Missing models will now display as a cube.
Idle animations in custom models will now play correctly.
Added a -skip-dos launch option to skip the FakeDOS intro screen.
Fixed a bug that caused music (and possibly other assets) to occasionally fail to load.
Significantly reduced texture allocations when atlasing lightmap data, resulting in faster map loads and better performance.

And YES, Custom weapons, Steam Workshop and Co-Op are still coming.

In addition to that, some things we've added to the console version (like the weapon wheel) will be making it back to the PC Version... SOON™[/i]
I don't see it. Linux version still only lists 1.5.32 and changelog file confirms it's the very old version. I'm not running any Galaxy client.