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I've corrected the link to the patch now, so it should be downloadable - sorry for any hassle.

Will look into the original post further tomorrow morning.

EDIT: tested this last night on my own setup and discussed it with our QA team this morning - You may get some firewall interaction when trying to start a multiplayer game (due to portions of it being online), you should not be getting any for starting a singleplayer game. On my tests last night, I encountered no issues and was able to install and run the game perfectly without any internet connection or firewall pop-ups. We also test for this in our QA, as obviously this isn't something that should happen. Did you perhaps select multiplayer first and then proceed to the singleplayer?
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Darvin: While the game doesn't crash for me, hitting "campaign" or "skirmish" does nothing. I get an obvious button click sound, but nothing happens. Very disappointing :-(
Are you running gog-2? Can you provide any other additional info that might help to resolve this? :)
OK - in relation to both of your issues, can I ask you both to reach out to our support team directly for assistance with these issues - They're better equipped than I to help out and in the brief tests I've conducted and spoken about with our QA team, we were unable to reproduce either issues, so I suspect there's something local going on here which will require further investigation.
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