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Dungeon Lords!

Feel free to share your experience, discuss bugs, feedback, as well as share possible workarounds in this thread.
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In the Mac version, the first two levels work fine, but then the ganes hangs trying to load the third. Definitely rushed to release too early. The loading progress bar gets to about 90%, the music keeps playing, but Activity Monitor reports that the game is not responding and leaving it for 10 minutes doesn't result in any progress.
It appears that the repeatable crash was due to another program forcing the use of the discrete GPU. On the integrated one, the game works a little bit more reliably, but:

- It seems impossible to quit the game without it crashing
- The game doesn't write the progress to disk immediately, so when it crashes, it forgets how far you've progressed and you're forced to reload a save game (and to start a level and save before you can quit, though this doesn't work very often)
- Trap placement is unreliable - it locks in one position and then refuses to rotate until you select something else.
- The loading is badly in need of optimisation. Even with an SSD, it takes ages, but doesn't appear to be touching the disk and is using only one core (and often not even at 100%).

Non bugs:

- Removing the call to arms spell (or whatever it was called in Dungeons II) makes defending a dungeon more annoying.
- Manual traps seem to completely defeat the point of having traps.

Note to developers: Including all versions in the beta release period is a good idea!
So far I am loving the game for its game play. However it appears as though the multiplayer really needs to lose the matchmaking requirement. The fact that the game cannot be played on LAN without an internet connection due to needing the matchmaking service is not really in the spirit of GOG.

Also it seems like (And I could be completely wrong) the basic game play requires an internet connection? My internet dropped tonight for about an hour and I went to play the game and the map just didn't seem to want to generate and load. It was very frustrating.

Anyway, all things considered it is a great game. Solid game play, fairly good performance and amazingly fun and cute to boot.