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For those who have completed Strahd's Possession and wanting to import characters, there are some extra steps one must take to accomplish this. Because of how DOSBOX works and how GOG sets up each individual DOS game, Stone Prophet cannot see the directory with any Strahd's Possession save data. What you should do is create a new directory in the /PROPHET directory of the Stone Prophet install, then copy the appropriate save there so the import function can see the data.

In short, do the following:

1) In the /PROPHET directory, create a new director for the save (i.e. /PROPHET/STRAHD)
2) Copy the save directory (i.e. /SAVE2) into the /PROPHET/STRAHD directory that was just created.
3) Start Stone Prophet and select "Import Characters."
4) Navigate the new directory until it displays SAVE.DAT. Select it and your characters will be imported.
5) Play the game with your imported characters. :)

Bear in mind that, with the exception of a handful of weapons and scrolls, no items import over into Stone Prophet. Anything in a container will also be lost.
Cool, that works. Thanks!
This should be stickied at the top of the forum.
Much appreciated!! I played these two back in the late 90's, and I am SO GLAD you posted this!
It's certainly a treat to be able to enjoy these adventures today, with the import feature! :D