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I've always wanted to try the gold box games, because as a young nerd I always seen them advertised but didn't have a computer with the ability to play them/have access to them. By the time I did I had kind of put them in the past. But that changed when I noticed the bundle on
Main question I want to ask is what is going on that sometimes my ranger can't shoot arrows. He'll start the fight able to, and just randomly stops. I'm not out of arrows, everything is still equipped. He may be able to shoot arrows for 1 round or 5 rounds, it seems totally random.
Second question, how do I sell items. The armory doesn't give me the option.
And lastly, reviving characters seems crazy expensive. Do I just have to ace every fight?

Thanks for any help!
1.You can't use missile weapons if an enemy is standing in melee range.

2. When in shop, look at your character inventory, choose the item an sell it.

3. Sell items to make money and if needed you can sell gems and jewelry. In early fights you don't make much money. Make sure that other characters than your knights carry the money.
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As I recall, your dead characters take a permanent loss of 1 point of Constitution when Raise Dead is used to bring them back. So my advice is to save often and reload if someone dies in a fight. Keep in mind they normally only die when they reach -10 hit points. If you bandage before that, they are only unconscious and can be healed back up after the battle.

In the third game you can learn the Ressurrection spell, which can bring them back at no penalty.
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Use Resurrection instead of Raise Dead to avoid the -1 CON. Only Power World: Load can save a dead Elf, though.