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Had a hard-drive crash; reinstalled software (including GOG Galaxy) and copied files from my external hard drive. Everything came back except Dark Knights of Krynn. I can see the files in C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Dark Knights of Krynn\SAVE and in cloud_saves, but when I try to load a saved game, I get "Error, can't locate DKK Directory". I have tried re-writing DKK.CFG different ways, including using 8.3 format (C:\PROGRA~2\GOGGAL~1\GAMES\DEATHK~1\SAVE\) and keep having the same problem. Any thoughts?
Installing games in Program Files is never a good idea.

Also don't you run it through DosBox? If so you need to set the correct DosBox paths. I don't have it installed any longer, so I don't remember the details.
rdmccall: Any thoughts?
Try saving a new game first and see where it gets written. I'll second that it's better to avoid installing in Program Files.
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When you rewrote the line for the .cfg file, did you include the entire system path, or did you include only what appears as mounted within DosBox?

Example, if DosBox mounts C:\PROGRA~2\GOGGAL~1\GAMES\DEATHK~1\ as C:, then it should point to C:\SAVE\
Thanks to those who responded. I will try to answer all of the points, but I may be missing some important element(s) here. I installed DKK through GOG Gaxaxy, which is what put the files in Program Files (x86). Running in GOG brings up the GOG version of DosBox. I know nothing about original DoxBox, such as setting paths through it, or even finding them or how they are mounted(?). I am just looking with File Explorer for GOG Galaxy and its files.

Gydion, I did try starting another game, but get the same error message; cannot even create a new character.

The information I have been working from is other posts from folks trying to find how to access saved characters from CoK or DKK for use in DKK or DQK. I had the same issue after finishing CoK, and had to play around a little to bring my characters into DKK. That was several months ago, before the hard drive crash when I had set DKK aside for a while.

ZyloxDragon, I am afraid I am not understanding your point of:
"Example, if DosBox mounts C:\PROGRA~2\GOGGAL~1\GAMES\DEATHK~1\ as C:, then it should point to C:\SAVE\"
possibly because I don't understand mounting(?) in DosBox.

Also have tried uninstalling GOG and reinstalling it and DKK - no luck.

Any further thoughts?
Basically the DKK.CFG file is supposed to show the path that is mounted within DOSBox. So let's say you have the game installed in the Program Files directory of your C drive. Normally, you would get to your game directory when using Explorer, by going to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Death Knights of Krynn\Save\

However, DOSBox will mount the directory that has the executable as C:\ That way when the game runs, it just uses C:\ for the game, and C:\Save as the save directory. So when you modify the DKK.CFG file, you have to use the path that DOSBox sees. So in the above example, the save directory would be set to C:\SAVE\