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So I've run into a peculiar problem: my characters can't memorize spells. I started DQK with an old party from DKK, all had spells already memorized. After playing for some time, I wanted to rest and memorize new spells. Game asked if I wanted to keep my old spells, but I wanted new spells so I chose "exit" instead of "keep" and now I can't memorize any spells. The game just flashes the memorization screen and goes back to the camp screen.

Has any one else encountered this bug? I'm not too far in the game so I can start it from the beginning, but if the same bug occurs again, I reckon the game is pretty much unplayable without spells.
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I finished DQK last week (GOG version), and had the exact same issue. Eventually, it fixed itself somehow, but it was quite strange.
A little late to help you, but if anyone else runs into this problem:

I had this problem when playing The Realm series in Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures using UAShell and the Gold Box Companion. Using the GBC's editor, I realized that both my magic-user and cleric had lost their entire spell libraries. After some experimenting, I determined that GBC was somehow wiping out the libraries every time I loaded the HUD. After several hours of trying to find someone online who had solved this problem, I stumbled on the solution. I was poking around the GBC settings menu and found "Fix Stats: On". On a hunch, I turned it off. Then I reloaded everything and wouldn't you know it, my magic-user had his spell book and my cleric was on speaking terms with her god.

TL;DR: If you have this problem, turn off "Fix Stats" in GBC's settings menu.
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Having the same problem...mages cannot memorize spells. I downloaded the GBC file but I'm having trouble finding the "Fix Stats" menue. Can you please guide me