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I am playing Champions of Krynn and cleared up the Gargath Keep and Jelek without triggering the quest from Sir Karl. Now I got the "Recover the Dragonlance" quest from Karl (by going back to the second outpost) but cannot seem to be able to progress the quest anymore and to trigger the recocer the silver rose from Jelek (which i already got as well). Not sure if there is anything I can do :(

I am not sure if I can keep playing of if I will miss something down the road. I think i can scavenge and old save but would lose a lot of progress :(
Post edited August 05, 2018 by solemgar
In the end, I just loaded an earlier save I had and redid Gargath Keep. I recommend following a guide for this game and remembering going back to Sir Karl as soon as a mission is complete or you might find the same issue as me!