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Hi everyone,

Bought the game a few days ago. Currently enjoying the campaign! It's pretty fun even if it is a good example of how not to market a game on Atari's part.

Did anybody attempt to make any mods for this at all? I did a bit of a search around and couldn't find much. I was just curious, a few of the gameplay things could be enhanced if say, expansion walls could be upgraded, or stand alone towers could be made on their own sockets or just anywhere (the models are there, just needs rules).

My guess is that it's a big no, seeing how few people got into the game. But still thought I'd ask. :D
I did a little looking around a while back on the subject. The game seems to have fallen right off the face of the earth after release. I can't find custom maps, mods, or any mention of even a fledgling community post-release. If there is a repository somewhere of user-generated content, it's either lost to the ages or so obscure that it's impossible to find. The game seems to have been dead-on-arrival.